Scottish land use from the air

Aerial photography by Richard Cross


Perth & Kinross


Deuchny, Perthshire

Native woodlands were the dominant natural ecosystems in post-glacial Scotland, but they were lost mainly as a result of human action or neglect.


Dunkeld, Perthshire

Scotland has around 580 golf courses. If each covers an average area of 45ha2 (111 acres2) for 18 holes this is a total area of 261 kilometres2 (101 miles2).


Glensherup, Ochil Hills

There are 670 reservoirs in Scotland, 80% of which are created by embankment dams to supply drinking water or hydro power. Most are over 100 years old.


Kinclaven, Perthshire

Scottish daffodils flower later than their southern counterparts and sales depend on where Easter falls in the year. Flowers and bulbs are exported around the world.


Perth & Kinross

The carrot crop is Britain’s major root vegetable, producing over 700,000 tonnes of carrots each year from 9,000 hectares. Each year 22 billion carrot seeds are sown in Britain, producing around 100 carrots per year for every member of the population.


Perth & Kinross

The total area of agricultural holdings in Scotland was 5.6 million hectares, equating to 73 per cent of Scotland’s total land area (7.8 million hectares).